This Invitation for proposals (IFP) is for Funding, Design and Build of the proposed Keben Dam
(Kapsabet), Water Supply Project.
The Project involves design review and construction of 30m high composite Dam with central
concrete block with wing walls to act as spillway and selected fill material for side embankments
accompanied by selected filter material designed to carry the Maximum Probable Run-off 57 m3/s
6,000 m3/d Water Treatment Plant;1.2 km 500mm diameter raw water ferrous pipes and 30 km
350mm diameter transmission ferrous pipes, connection to the existing Storage Tanks for Kapsabet
Town and Distribution pipelines to Nandi Hills and the proposed Baraton University.
The Lake Victoria North Water Services Board now invites sealed Proposals from eligible firms for
the Funding, Design and Build of Keben Dam Water Supply Project (hereinafter called “the
Works”). International Competitive Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the Government
of Kenya Procurement Law and Regulations and the evaluation criteria contained in the bidding

The Invitation for proposal is open to international firms who meet the following eligibility criteria:
a.) Average annual turnover as prime contractor (defined as billing for works in progress and
completed) over the last 5 years of 1 Billion Shillings or equivalent in the water and civil
engineering sector;
b.) Successful experience as prime contractor in the execution of at least Two(2) projects of a
nature and complexity comparable to the proposed contract within the last 10 years; this
experience should include minimum key production rates of: –
13,000 m3 earthwork excavation per months. Have successfully laid 1850m per month
ferrous pipes of 400mm diameter, 200 m3 of concrete produced and placed per months. The
Contractor shall have constructed at least one Dam project with a value of 800 million
shillings in the last 5 years. In addition he must have constructed at least water treatment
plant of 6,000 m3/d outside the country of origin of Applicant
c.) Successful experience within the last 10 years, as prime contractor, of a “Civil Works of Art”
Project (dams, bridges, roads, water supply etc.…), carried out outside the country of origin
of the Applicant
d.) Have appropriate equipment and staff as defined in the bidding documents
e.) Has access to, or has available, liquid assets, unencumbered real assets, lines of credit, and
other financial means sufficient to meet the construction cash flow for a period of three
months, estimated as Kshs. 200,000,000 equivalent, net of the Applicant’s commitments for
other contracts in order to be considered eligible.
f.) Has the ability to mobilize the required finances to implement the project through support of
the applicants Government or Applicants Country Export Bank or any other financial
institution capable of providing funds with acceptable terms and conditions of the National
Interested firms may obtain the biddings documents upon payment of non-refundable fee of 1000
Kenya Shillings or equivalent convertible currency. Further information may be obtained at the
office of
The Chief Executive Officer
LAKE VICTORIA NORTH Water Services Board
Kefinco House, Off Kakamega/Kisumu Road
P.O. Box 673-50100,
Tel: 254-056-2030795, 2031552
Fax: +254-056-2031506
Proposals must be delivered to the above office on or before 12.00 hrs. (Local time) on 6th July,
2017 accompanied with Bid Security of 10 Million Shillings or equivalent in freely convertible
currencies from a reputable Bank

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